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What happens if nobody sells in the market? Mistakes to avoid

What happens if nobody sells in the market? Mistakes to avoid

We all know that have a buyer and we have a seller, and then we have a trade. The fundamentals of the market is without buyers and sellers, we cannot have a trade or transact.
So when we hear this kind of stuff, That we have got to blame sellers. I have read a comment saying that there are more sellers than buyers, that’s a common misconception.
That’s the misunderstanding of what’s really happening in price in the stock market. 

For a trade to take place, we have to have a buyer and a seller.

If I want to buy something; unless somebody sells it for me, we cannot have a deal.
Right? That’s the same everywhere in the world. 

Let’s look at the question! If nobody’s sold what will happen to stocks?

I hope everybody is aware of the fundamentals of supply and demand.
The recent market goes up is because buyers are more aggressive and are prepared to pay a higher price.There may be more buyers wanting to buy, but the actual transaction is going to be one buyer for every seller.
If nobody sold, one thing that the stock market will not go up.

We have some analysts warning us that we have upcoming of another stock market crash 2020 and others saying we are entering a new Bull market 2020.

Let’s just discuss what are the biggest mistakes that investors can make

To start I think, there is no surprise that finance, stock market, crash, and Investments have been the main topic of discussion over the last few months.
It was found out that business ads finance becomes the fastest-growing news category during coronavirus crisis.
It is not surprising that, during the time where our money is volatile, people are out of work, they are stuck at home, and they are looking for different ways to make money. Their turning to the stock market is their way to do so.
For instance, if the market drops 10%; Rationally, we all know that not all businesses lost 10% in value overnight, and a lot of the drop was caused by the momentum of panic.
But that type of rationality can and will last longer than you have money to continue betting against it.


We all know that nothing changed fundamentally overnight to justify every business worth 10% less. According to all the data ever analyzed, the best way to make a profit is to invest consistently.

Buy and hold long term, regardless of what any other news channel says about the stock market. The best thing is to take a step back and realize that nobody knows what can happen to the stock market.

Just because we have seen a massive drop does not mean we cannot see another massive drop, and it doesn’t mean stocks cannot just trade Sideways for a while and your money just sits there.

It is really important to set the expectations upfront that any time you invest you should invest knowing that no one knows what is going to happen. Will it go up from here or crash?
Everyone loves to guess and try to predict things that they have no control over.

Mistake No. 1: Timing the market

Nobody could ever predict the exact top or the bottom in the stock market crash

Mistake No. 2: Don’t be impulsive

Don’t just impulsively jump into the market expecting short term profits. 

Mistake No.3 Don’t Not invest

Sitting and waiting for the crash may not ever happen. Just imagine back in 2008, when you would have waited for the nifty to fall even mote so you could invest.


No one knows, it may or may not happen but it doesn’t mean we should change your investing strategy.

The best you can do is stayed the course and continue investing in holding

our markets are all forward-thinking, so the sentiment right now is the things in the future should be better than what they are right now.