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Markets are falling, Is your Stock Portfolio BLEEDING? SEE THIS

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Staying Invested might be more difficult than one might expect when the business sectors are in bear grasp, however, it is a need when you want to make wealth in the long term.

Persistence will deliver rich profits to those Investors who figure out how to face hardship. Truth be told, Investors made in the right arrangement of companies during terrible economic situations compensates long term investors in a lot greater way.

To make our readers understand the benefits of staying invested for the long term and continue investing in small caps and mid-caps during bad times. See this very interesting back test. 

1984India Gandhi Assassinated2004Tsunami
1990Mandal Riots2005SARS
1991Rajiv Gandhi Assassinated2007India grows at 9.7%
1991India Pledges golf to IMF2008GFC/Mumbai Terrorism
1992Eco Lib/ Babri2009UPA II
1993Bomb Blasts at BSE2014BJP Govt
1998Nuclear Tests2016Demonetisation
2000Y2K2018NBFC Trouble
2001Tech Melt Down2019Lok Sabha Elections
2002Gujrat Riots2020Corona
2004UPA I2020Delhi Riots

Even after SO MANY Incidents NIFTY 50 NSE: NIFTY has managed to get from 890.90 to 11,201.75.

We unequivocally accept this is an extraordinary time to purchase great quality little and fair size companies that have been whipped. Nobody is discussing little tops nowadays and that is the solid motivation behind why we ought to invest.

It’s savvy to be avaricious when there is dread around Large, Mid and small caps. This isn’t the first time through that Market has dropped out of favor and afterward proceeded to recuperate VERY SMARTLY.

Rest Weak hands will move out of the market, and strong investors will stay in!


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