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How To Set Up Platform for NSE/BSE Trading

How To Set Up Platform for NSE/BSE Trading & Investing

The quest to become the ultimate share market trader is not only limited to your knowledge but also affected by the trading station you resort to. With the advancement in technology, it becomes all the more necessary to have a decent trading setup to get an edge over others while trading.

Understand the importance of Candlestick Charts

For day traders, prices of stocks play a highly important role which makes the use of candlestick charts a necessity. Candlestick charts are the type of financial charts that represent changes in the prices of stocks, derivatives or currency. As a matter of fact, all experienced traders tend to rely more on such charts instead of line graphs.

Selection of a time Frame

An individual chart represents the prices of a stock in a given time period.  For better decision making and analysis, it is important that you select a time frame that is neither too long nor too short. It is recommended that you study the charts on a daily time frame basis.

Selection of volume bars

Volume bars are the charts that represent the number of stocks traded in a given time frame. Volume bars are equally important in setting up your trading station.

Understanding Indicators

Indicators are the derived results and calculations that revolve around the prices or the fluctuations in the prices of stocks and are used for predictive purposes. They help us study the prices of a given security, reduce risk and decision making. Here, we take the help of moving averages. They are of three types, the 20 simple moving averages, the 50 SMA and the 200 SMA and each of them represents the trends of stocks for 20, 50 and 200 days respectively. Daily Chart 1. 20 SMA 2. 50 SMA 3. 200 SMA

Multiple Monitors

Additionally, It is advisable that you use multiple monitors so that you have access to multiple sources of information at the same time. An average of 2 or 3 monitors will provide you with an edge while trading.

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Shivam Aggarwal

What are the tech necessary for Successful Stock Market Live Trading?

What are the tech necessary for Successful NSE Live Trading & Investing?

Using tech to get a trading advantage In the ever-changing world stock markets. One cannot simply expect to trade successfully without a decent level of technology. Earlier stock trading was limited to how loud a person could shout and agree upon a Stock Price. Today it’s electronic and easy. Newer technology and internet has become a necessity when it comes to successful stock trading in the Indian stock market today. Here’s a list of all the necessary tech, which I believe, is necessary for trading in the global stock market along with the proper stock market education from a stock market institute.

Hardware and Share Market Software

One should always make sure that, when trading, the system should have a decent amount of memory and a processor. It should be fast enough to not keep lagging incessantly. It is advisable to use multiple monitors for efficient stock market live trading(discussed below).

Stock Brokers can provide you with the user-friendly and reliable software to trade in stock market live. Different types of software packages are used by different types of traders.

For an instance, day traders mostly use software programmes that allow them to trade quickly.

It is advisable to remove all the redundant information, others may use software that allows trading and charting. Multiple Monitors Although, not a complete necessity, having multiple monitors provides you with an edge over other traders in the world stock market. It enables you to access and analyze data from various sources and keeps you up to date. However, one should keep in mind that too many monitors can also be a bane.

High-Speed Internet Connection

The Internet is, probably, the most important asset for a successful stock market trader. The internet service you use should be fast enough to show web pages in a matter of seconds. Lag is the most undesirable thing a trader can expect to come across. Lag means a data slowdown where you receive old data instead of the latest one. A trader should try out multiple internet services and select the best one in the end with the least loading time.

You should always keep your smartphone data plan as a backup. In case, if the normal internet services go down, you can contact your internet provider to access the internet. Using technology to its full potential will always prove to be a great way to make trading in stocks less risky. Especially, will keep you in touch with the stock market news. To be more profitable and fruitful in the long run one should apply these tips in stock market live trading.

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Wants to achieve your Trading Goal this year? Here are 5 tips to achieve  for Stock Market Beginners

Wants to achieve your Trading Goal in 2018? Here are 5 tips to achieve trading goals for Stock Market Beginners

There are many great components that go into our  Stock Market live classes including live webinars with Q&A sessions at the end of each one, a proven course format, experienced instructors, and much more.

Below are the 5 key factors included in our Stock Market courses that will prove vital to your trading success.

Trading Plan

In our Star Trader Course, we teach our students all of the strategies used for capturing a winning trade in the equity market. At the end of which, the students have to put together an actionable trading plan out of what they learned. This plan acts as a guide for implementing their knowledge in an Indian stock market. It gives you, the student, clarity and focus into your trading strategy. Once submitted, these plans are evaluated and once a student is given a green signal, they’re ready to trade.

Stock Market Recaps

At the end of each day in the Stock market, we conduct a market recap session, where we bring out the major changes that take place on the stock market today. After which we evaluate the best ways by which a trader could have made these trades. We also go through all the trades that we make each day during stock market timings and evaluate them. In the end, the students who have doubts regarding their trades can bring them up to the class.

Swing Strategies

All the trading strategies we teach in our stock market courses are dynamic and can be applied to different time frames. Likewise, Anything and everything that our students need to learn is available in the Stock Market course. Irrespective of whether you’re a day trader or a swing trader, you can start today. Full-time job seekers to become a part-time trader, our swing trading lessons will help you learn how to manage both and do it successfully.

Patterns to Trade in  world stock Market

The dynamicity of the course enables you to use the strategies in the world stock market. Want to trade in future or options? Heard anything new about cryptocurrencies? In short,  The focus on core trading principles is what makes our Stock Market courses vital. These include risk assessment, momentum scanning, and trade management. Thus, The lessons you learn here can very well be applied to all markets of stock market trading.


To summarize, Our Star Trader Course gives you a lifetime membership to our online and offline community.  Furthermore, Traders can reach out and connect with hundreds of like-minded people and share knowledge. Students also share tips, stock alerts, and most importantly encouraging support! These are just a few advantages of being a part of a trading community compared to going at it alone. As a result, Having support from similar people can cut down on years of development time that you can use to grow your trading account.

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The 4 Vedas to Managing Risk

Have you ever had a tough day trading? Do you look at your P&L at the end of the day, and wonder how you’ll get over such predicaments? Well, then that’s not just you, traders face such problems every other day in the Indian Stock Market. Without any given rules or courses of action to take to, we tend to get upswept by the dynamicity of the Stock Market Live. Here we present to you our four Vedas/Rules that have helped us and our students manage their risks.

Rule 1: Decide in advance the maximum loss for the day…

“Planning without action is futile…

Action without planning is fatal”

Trade with optimism in Stock Market, however, decide in advance the amount of loss that you will incur in any given day. This rule curtails any superfluous losses incurred in a day, once you reach a given limit of losses. Also, it’s necessary to establish such an amount before the market begins and no access to change it later. In fact, it is advisable to let someone else set this lock so that you can not trade after you’ve reached the limit even if you want to.

Rule 2: Put a limit to your position size…

“ Trade, but to satisfy your need.

Not your greed”

Keep in check the number of shares you purchase for a given trade in the Stock Market Today. Gut feeling is treacherous when it comes to trading; never increase your risk beyond your limits. Most of the time, it is our intuitions that lead us to losses. And that too, with a huge can really be ruinous. Listen to your intuitions, but never forget your limits. Stay updated with stock market news and world stock market to have the required exposure.

Rule 3: Restrict the number of your positions

“ Even the best of traders know their limits…”

We should always limit our focus on selected Stocks and not override the stock market basics. It is really difficult to keep a check on and study a humongous amount of shares at a time. Hence, we should limit the number of our positions to a minimum in stock market timings so that our primary focus is on personal growth.

Rule 4: Reduce your loss count

“It is O.K. to take a break today,

If you’re ready to come back stronger tomorrow”

What’s more important than our financial capital is our ability of judgement and our psychological capital. Rational decision making is necessary so that we do not put ourselves in stress. When we face losses incessantly in the equity market, we tend to lose our confidence and feel stressed. Not “every” day is “your” day; so if you’re facing losses continually, it is ok to take a day off and come back stronger than ever tomorrow.

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