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Should a housewife invest in the stock market?

Should a housewife invest in the stock market?

Author Padmapriydarshini

I believe that financial independence is important for women to make their own choices, but the financial knowledge required to make such decisions is low in women. According to 2011 Census, 82.1% of the men and only 65.5% of the women are literate (Census of India, 2011). The reason is that either most women were married at a young age or were barred from pursuing education.

Female traders can actually reduce stock market crashes

Further, 79.1% of the urban women and 57.9% of the rural women are literate as per 2011 Census. Lack of basic facilities like water and sanitation at schools, early marriages, and domestic violence are the causes for lower literacy rate of rural women. Also, a survey conducted by VISA says that only 37.1% of the women have a home budget compared to Brazil which has the highest of 51.8% (Chetna Singh, 2017). Another survey by Standard and Poor’s says that only 14% of the Indian adults were familiar with risk diversification and only 51% knew the concept of compound interest (Chetna Singh, 2017). In conclusion, lower literacy rate of women also means a lower financial awareness as compared to men.


I strongly support that housewives should invest in the stock market carefully with complete knowledge about it. As stock investing is risky, yet essential, they shouldn’t get carried away by the opinions of ill-informed people. Rather, they should invest time to gather materials and understand the stock market before making a decision. Because critical thinking is needed for decision making, education is important. I have based my argument by saying that education and financial awareness go hand in hand. However, there could be cases where a woman may not be very educated but is still investing in stocks. At the end of the day, interest and consistency determine whether a housewife should or should not invest in the stock market.


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Is it really possible to earn a LIVING just by Trading in Indian Share Market?

Is it really possible to earn a LIVING just by Trading in Indian Share Market?

“Without a saving faith in the future, no one can ever invest at all. To be a top-notch trader, one must be a believer in a better tomorrow”.

Author: Anshita Singh

We have come across many traders and investors who are highly experienced, saying that ‘The country’s market is like a mirror for its economic status and so for its future ‘.There may be many factors because of which market suffers ups and downs like not knowing the appropriate strategies to increase the business, not being aware of the technologies to expand it, not having a good idea for startups and still implementing it, etc.

How to earn a living?

To earn a living just by trading in Indian share market does not come as an option, sometimes the person has to do it as a compulsion to fill the stomach of their children and such traders are bound to bear all the atrocities for even a simple living.

There is a huge diversification of traders, on one side we see some who are not able to earn their living like the peanut seller, the flower seller, etc. But on the other hand, we see some extraordinary traders like Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Porinju Veliyath, etc. They are all traders but the mind-set, the clarity of thought differs. Some want just a casual living whereas others want to live a life king size!

To be a good trader to earn a living one should focus on the needs of the market as well as people, the person should be innovative enough to fulfill his needs and improve his living status. Doing work just to live a life full of hardships can never up bring the coming generation.

To earn a living just by trading in the Indian share market is really tough but it can be easier by focusing on the needs and satisfying them. Getting yourself exposed to technologies can also help by decreasing man labor and increasing productivity. Successful traders always follow a line of least resistance and follow the trend because the trend is their actual friend.